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Karen’s Calculator shows high precision handling long operands
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Karen’s Calculator is a high performance calculator that has extremely high precision and is capable of handling operands containing thousands of digits and still giving very accurate and reliable results, thereby distinguishing itself from the rest.

More often than not, usually the calculators are not capable of handling large data containing more than 16-32 digits and hence produce erroneous or imperfect results, however this is not the case with the Karen’s Calculator.

This tool can operate with data containing dozens of digits satisfactorily and possess an on-screen tape to store data disk. The latest version is compatible with Windows Vista and contains a new HTML-type help file for assisting the user in a better way. Although there had been a few bugs in the prior versions, all have been taken care of, including the improperly working menu and many more. The calculator has plenty of versatile memory and useful features to facilitate the work of the user.

So if you are looking for a solution to handle extremely large data for calculative purposes, the Karen’s Calculator is undoubtedly a great asset for sure.

Luis Sanchez
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